This Night

March 31, 2013 4:11 pm

He’s coming to you. And He has so much to tell you.

He’s coming to you who say that you haven’t got any strength left, and He says that He knows everything. He is not terrified by your weakness and His grace is enough. You shall have enough of His love to give it to others.

He’s coming to you who are in pain, and He says: I shall fill your wounds with my light and you shall carry them like medals, and they will remind you of the most intimate meetings with Me.  In those wounds you’ll meet many people whom you will give a word of consolation.

He’s coming to you – afraid of tomorrow – and He says that He is your tomorrow, and that He’ll never let you down.

It is for you that He’s gone through it all – and has risen. So that you’ll never be alone.



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