There and Back Again

April 10, 2013 11:17 am

Father Captain started yesterday another missionary journey of his. Thie time it will last 6 weeks and it will lead him further than the end of the world and back.

The first stage of that trip is Education Phase II at Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, USA – and it will involve his pastoral care during the education program for NaProTechnology doctors and Creighton Model FertilityCare System Parctitioners. He’s not travelling alone –  but together with one of our blog Authors, Michał, who could not take part in EP II in Łomianki, as his little son was just born in that time. Now he’ll get the chance to be in the heart of NaProTechnology – we’re with him with all our hearts.

The Board of Editiors, while expecting any sign of life from their Mobile Team, started to look for the Bermuda Triangle on the map, doubting it could have been on the way from Poland to Nebraska. But luckily, an hour ago a text message arrived:

We got stuck at the airport in Chicago. 25 h ago we left Home in Łomianki. In 6.5 h we have the next flight, in the “stand-by” version, i.e. we’ll board if places are available. If not, the next flight is on Friday. For now, we do sightiseeing at the airport. Talk to you soon. From Chicago, Fr Jay

So we’re looking forward to the story of creative ways to spend time at the airport – hopefully in the shorter version of travel delay. 🙂

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