The Solemnity of the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ

June 7, 2012 10:25 am

Already as a young clerical student I heard about one candidate for sainthood – that his personal ideal and life vocation, as well as the key to understanding all life situations was: “to be a living tabernacle.” If I’ve received Lord Jesus in my heart, it means He lives in it, so I’m a living tabernacle and may bring Him to all the places where He is most needed. And from my heart – He can radiate on the other people, places and situations.

Today our towns and villages, streets and squares, roadside Saints  and the windows of our homes are welcoming Jesus, who wants to visit us. He wants to be there – where we run to work, go shopping, meet our friends or business partners and clerks…

Our celebrations are very festive – thank God, because there are the countries where such processions don’t take place any longer. 🙁

But it’s also up to us – if we let Him visit our homes, our marriages and families, when He comes in a most discreet ways: in the hearts of our “First-Holy-Communion” children, in the heart of the wife coming home after the day of work to her husband, or in the heart of the husband returning to his wife, waiting for him at home. And maybe on Monday, from my heart I’ll show the Lord round my workplace and colleagues?

Fr. Jay

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