The retreat in Wisełka- the third round

July 21, 2013 8:44 pm

Today the reatreat in Wisełka has begun again. Almost everyone has already arrived. You have to leave so much behind: job search or a job that you can’t really leave and  to which you have to devote some time also during the retreat: older and self-sufficient children or parents who must be taken care of.

What is left and taken is finally brought to the Adoration. Sometimes we can witness it when we hear the prayer intentions or just see the tears.

This is the time of believing and surrendering everything to God.

And on the other side there are now as many as three chaplains (Father Wiesław, Father Rafał and Father Radomir), two deacons and two seminarists, not to mention the strong team of Sisters.

Please support Wisełka this time again.
Remembering about you

Father Jarosław

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