The real hunger

July 26, 2012 2:24 am

It’s impossible to go on for too long without the adoration of the Holy Sacrament. Last week, after a couple of days in SLC, I managed to spend three hours in the church. I wanted to be as near the Holy Sacrament as possible. I need so much to be close to Him, not to do a lot of talking, but only to be with HIM. In His company everything calms down, goes back to its place, and my “inner man” gains strength.

There are so many churches all around. Every 360 families (i.e. three wards, 120 families each) are assigned to one parish. On Sunday most of the church members take part in a three-hour program. That is really impressive.

But there are no Catholic churches nearby – if “nearby” means a place where you can walk or run to (as running is always some option 😉 ) And I’ve been missing adoration so much. The Holy Sacrament for us is the place we meet the dearest Person: the One who has loved us, who sees us as His brothers and sisters. It’s so much easier to define our identity when we come close to Him. No moment is worth as much as the whiles we spend in His presence. Even though  “in Him we move and have our being.”

With warmest memory of All from the Harbour,

Fr Jay

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