The magic od Christmas or AMDG?

December 19, 2012 1:59 pm

I know what this famous magic of Christmas is all about!

It is about feeling in a shop the force of marketing and losing control over the contents of one’s wallet (that are increasingly more modest, oops).

Luckily, yesterday Saint Ignatius of Loyola, presented to chidren during the Rorate mass, helped me. He encourages to do everything  AMDG (ad maiorem Dei gloriam łac. – for the greater glory of God)!

And to concentrate our preperations for Christmas on this aspect, so as not to lose in our shopping and cooking (all the things that have to be cooked) what is most important. So that we have enough faith, like Zacharias (Luke 1: 5-25) in who we are waiting for!

„I will praise you, Lord” (Psalm 71) in all I do. Also in the preparations for Christmas.

And I wish the same to you today and in the coming days. 😉





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