The leader

August 1, 2013 7:45 am

Countryside. I decide to take the children to the forest on bikes. Although Grandpa says it is dangerous like like the whole life, because a branch can fall down and kill you without a warning for example. We go.

Karol, the 7-year-old son of the neigbours, takes the lead, my children call after him in the dust of gravel road. I go at the end. Karol suddenly turns and disappears. When we reach him, he says he will lead us because he knows here everything. I oppose a bit as after the rain it night it is wet so it can turn out that the road will be impassable further ahead and we’ll have to go back.

At the folliwing, pictoreaque turn Karol stops again, waits for us and explains: “There will be a big pool but we’ll manage to go through the middle. Then two big holes on either side. But we’ll manage. Going through the middle”.

We go, the pool is enormous, the mud unbelievable, but we go through. In the middle. And I am full of admiration. If I should ever be responsible for people in any kind of undertaking, I’d like to have Karol’s style. Not Grandpa’s with the vision of a catastrophe. And neither being left in the dust behind the leader. I’d like that devoting time to telll about things ahead and ways to conquer the obstacle. And the encourage “we’ll manage”.

Such leaders are so needed in life. I was to take the children for a bike, but the children have taken me.


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