The grand epilogue

October 20, 2013 9:36 pm

This is always a great moment when an intensive week comes to an end – after we had study, exercises and lectures but also prayers and meetings. I heard so often from the participants that they found it an extraordinary meeting and place, that those people were so different. They represent so many countries, cultures and languages and yet we experienced such a deep unity.

When I heard each one presenting themselves, I heard about the life stories of all of them. Now I know many of them, many of them told me their stories and I am full of gratitude for everything that has happened.

Today is the mission Sunday. Let us pray for the missionaries. And today a new group of people are going to their homes, towns and circles – with a mission to proclaim the Good News about life and love. They are equipped with new tools and new knowledge. They will meet the married couples that need this meeting most. They will come again here in a few months’ time, in April, to report and to deepen their knowledge.

And I picture those stories they will bring with them, and the meetings, when the Good News will reach the homes that hoped for so long that their prayers would be heard.
Some time ago a student from the previous year wrote to me that five couples were celebrating the conception of their children, only because he’d made an effort to come here for the necessary knowledge. Joy has come to so many homes and will come to so many more. We just must rejoice!

We heard that the Holy Scripture was inspired by God and that the first man was created by God’s breath. When we read the Scripture, this life-giving breath is present there. We started every day with the Holy Mass, hearing God’s Word and eating the Eucharist. Now, strong with Him, we can carry the Spirit of Life to others.

With my prayers for them and for all of you

Fr. Jay


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