The free place

July 8, 2013 8:17 pm

In the morning I see a paper in the hall with the hours of the Adoration at night. Well, I don’t know, I say to myself, I went to the Adoration yesterday, if I go now, I might snatch the place from somebody who did not put his name on the list in time. The hours available are far less numerous than participants. Besides, would He like to meet me again? I decide that if by the time of dinner “my” hour stays free, I’ll take it. Before dinner the whole list is full, save the time slot between 2 and 3 am. The time I had hoped for so much is free.

He waits for each of us so much. No-one can take your place in His heart. Looking at you, when you enter, He welcomes you and invites you. Nothing will frighten Him or seem to Him too complicated. Even if sometimes in a room full of people you feel so lonely because of your difficulties that your only friend seems to be a spider on the wall, He is infinitely close to you . He saves you, protects you and frees you from isolation. He knows that you need His love, healing and grace to love and forgive and to save others.

Blessed are the hours when He wants to pass time with us.




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