The first moments with the new class

October 13, 2013 3:57 pm

I’m travelling to the opening of the Program a bit later. It used to be 6:30, today it is enough to arrive at 8:45. The first moments are devoted to the Program overview and giving basic information to the participants. Now we know that we’ll host 82 students from 33 countries and 33 states.

When I look at all of them and listen to their short introductions (name, country and which Program they selected), I’m thinking about the stories they have brought with them. Not only their personal stories, but also the stories of the people they serve to. One doctor who came here with his wife is a father of 6 born and 6 unbron children. Another doctor is a mum of a 5-week-old daughter. Another one is the first doctor to be willing to take on NaProTechnology training in her country. There is also one participant who said “yes” to the request from the bishop of her diocese, who had been looking for doctors interested in NaProTechnology, but one after another refused. She’s a doctor and mother of 6 children.

It all reminds me of the title of the pastoral constitution – “Gaudium et spes” (Joy and Hope). The joy that there are still people willing to serve the others in the matter so essential for humanity, and the hope that their service will bring good fruit for so many.

Each of them is surrounded by the prayers from their families, friends, parishes. There is also one doctor from Poland. Let us support the participants, too.

With prayer and memory of all of you

Fr. Jay

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