The Defender of My Dreams

December 1, 2012 9:44 pm

A lot has been written about friendship.

A friend is someone who is there but not in an aggressive way. Someone who gives you the freedom to be yourself.  Someone who believes in you and who supports you when you are successful. Someone who knows your shortcomings and even your great blunders but keeps them to themselves. When you start a sentence, frequently they can finish it for you. But sometimes, when they really care, they can say ‘Maybe you need to think it over’  or ‘You may have exaggerated a little bit.’.

I sit next to my Guardian Angel. Sometimes I wonder whether this might be a friendship for life because all those efforts are rather one-sided. And one-sidedness is not in human nature. Who could bear it!

Then I remember those moments when so much depended on Him. When I was not able to tell anyone what was happening and He was there. In the car, during a conversation He would not say: ‘I’m getting off, I’ve got enough’. He would always say only ‘You’ll be fine. We’ll be fine’. First, second, third, fourth gear. Easy turn. We are fine.

The defender of my dreams and guardian of my sleep.






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