The Chapelet

July 6, 2013 4:56 pm

I have recently spent some time in a parochial church, where in a separate chapel it was possible to adore Jesus Christ in the Holy Sacrament. I like sitting in the first bench so as to be as close to Him as possible.

Of course I knew that there were also other people in the chapel but then it was only me and Him. At some point I began to notice that there were other, probably elderly, people around: sighs, shuffling of pages, whispered prayers that are still audible. I admit that in the first raction I thought it was a pity that someone came and disrupted the peace. But then the reflection came that I was witnessing the different ways in which pople were bringing their lives to Jesus. And when someone began to recite the Chapelet, taken up and repeated by everyone, I thought that these were the pople who kept the world in reins. This prayer, so humble, ordinary and full of human presence, makes the Church serve.

So when someone approached me and asked me if they could confess, it was no longer difficult to leave “my” prayer and “my” time with God but I could joyously fulfil my mission. I am ashamed of this first reaction of mine but also thankful bacuse God has broadened my heart and look.

How many mothers and fathers like that keep praying for their children and in so many other intentions? We can do so much with our faithful prayers, we can save so many souls.

Remembering about you during the second period of retrat in Wisełka,

Father Jaroslaw

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