talks on the doormat

June 3, 2012 8:55 am

I complained: See, Lord, I came to visit you – and it’s closed. Either with glass door or with iron bars, and dozens of meters of disnatce to the tabernacle. And me, on this kneeling bench in the church porch, as if behind a barricade – like an uninvited guest that one keeps on the doormat.

Someone could say, this distance is fully justified:You – God, and me – a human being. I know, but despite that I regret so much it’s impossible to come closer, stay closer.

You answered: I’m so happy you’ve come. I don’t like this distance, either. And I miss you so much more than you miss Me. My favourite place is in your heart.

How good it is Sunday today, with church door wide open. And He’s already waiting for you.



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