"WE and the Society" once again

January 16, 2013 8:21 pm

I remain very impressed by the programmes for the families. They are so close to daily life and give energy for a long time afterwards.

I am very happy about the opportunity to repeat Programme 3 – I could do it because I lead with my husband the workshops. It’s so good to learn how much we can do and that it is not life that moves us where it wants but we have a lot to say. about the “here and now” of our life and family. It’s good to see how time management is closely connected with the management of our hearts. And not only do we find it out, but also experience it when we work together.

The materials for Wrocław were packed by the co-author herself. The whole editing team was involved in producing the gadgets for the workshops. I’d like to thank our Jacek, who’s bought the pipes, that he mopped all the floors after everyone. This was solidarity in practice.  .

The Captain asked for prayers on this blog and I’d like to thank for it together with the others. Without this support this project, which was at times beyond human means, would never succeed. And there were so many miraculous coincidences! . :)


Behind the scenes

January 15, 2013 1:31 pm

As you already know, the preparation for the programme was by no means easy and the main responsible person was Gosia, who’s trying to deny it all the time, saying that Aga and Jacek have bought pipes, and Ania has brought the cartons but first someone had to think about it, find a solution and ask an appropriate person – a participant – for help.

11 couples took part in the workshop. Most of them knew each other well so there was a good and cosy atmosphere. And – as is mostly the case during weekend workhops – there was intensive work. Fortunately the participants were understanding and disciplined so there were only slight delays. And the subjects raised have given a lot of food for thought, also for us, the organisers. Now everyone will think in their own kitchens what film they will be watching and with whom.  :) .

We need to clean our homes and hearts from what is unnecessary, from what disturbs and destroys. And it’s best to do it with Jesus because He “even gives orders to impure spirits and they obey him” (Mk 1: 27)