August 4, 2012 11:48 am

I was asked to write something about the sunset.

I was getting ready for that task all day long. In fact, I didn’t do any literary exercise like for example: “Ths sun is slowly descending to the horizon, giving a reddish hue to the sky, which is farther shimmering with all shades of orange. As the sun is withdrawing from our sight, it’s leaving behind a colourful streak of light, above which the sky is growing dark, with the sun slowly sinking in the ocean below. In the end, it disappears completely, leaving the sky at the disposal of the night” (not so black, actually, because we’ve had the full moon these days.

I was planning, however, to write about it in front of the house where I’m living at the moment, with my eyes fixed on the sky, and my fingers tapping the keyboard, to be able to catch up with the beauty of the sun setting in the subtropical zone. I wrote “I’m living at the moment”, because I’ve been roaming from place to place for several days – as human being is known to be homo viator. But even such a rolling stone like me needs a home from time to time (at least for the night), though here, under the Tropic of Cancer, you appreciate a piece of roof above your head also during the day – like the trees which you call here “umbrella trees”.

Seeing that the twilight started falling, I made one more phone call (looking for a home for one night in another city) and I was just about to go out of the house. It turned out to be too late. It was already the night. Because this is how it looks here: the day breaks wide awake and ready to live a life of its own – and so does the night.

So I don’t know if I manage to describe the sunset in the following days, because life is moving really fast in here. And I have to rest, because this is my vacation. So I’m quickly going to bed, maybe I’ll manage to catch the sunrise.

Fr Jay

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