Springfield, Illinois

October 21, 2012 10:31 am

The long planned Program I+YOU=WE in Springfield is taking place at last.

9 married couples and one engaged couple have turned up. The Coach Couples are the participants of the Program in February this year, in Omaha: Elena and Carlos, Audery and Brad. We spent the whole evening together on discussing again all the workshops and the whole Program.

It seems all is ready. Almost all, because the exception is the lecturer. But I’m holding on to what freindly people told me: the participants will not detect my linguistic mistakes, because they will listen to WHAT I want to tell them, and not HOW I’m doing this. Which of course does not alleviate the frustration that this HOW is so far away from WHAT. But if the Program is a couple reatreat, after which the spouses grow closer to each other, maybe I should expect that also WHAT will grow closer to HOW?

There is still lots of work ahead of us, so I’m asking you to continue your prayers. And thank you for remembering me and for all the signs of this memory. We keep on struggling.

Fr Jay

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