March 30, 2013 5:56 pm

Silence is very important to me on Holy Saturday and for me it is very connected with it. I always look forward to silence on Good Friday. Silence and sudden peace, as in a film, when after a big noise suddenly we don’t hear anything. Or as in the eye of the storm when after the madness of elements suddenly everything is quiet and we experience this peculiar relief with the awareness that something is going to happen again.

And I know that the powers of the Holy Week will not come back with this strength again. The awareness that among beloved disciples there is a traitor and that declared faithfulness turns out to be false, that disciples are unable even to keep watch at  prayer and that they will disperse and hardly anyone will stay at the cross. Although the heart is still moved by the cruelty of the Way of the Cross it knows that…

I’d leak each of my days to be fulfilled with this expectation of what is known, obvious and so desired. Of the meeting with the risen One. But now – shhhhhh… Let’s keep quiet in waiting.



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