January 19, 2013 11:24 am
… is going on in its own pace. Once a month, at least in your case. In the House this rhythm is the rhythm of travelling – some go to Poznan, some to Olsztyn, others to Rybnik and Katowice, the rest has the retreat in Warsaw. And in the next week – Wrocław.

 Chojnice, Warsaw 2, meaning  Praga. Somewhere on the way is Szczecin but here the travel is from Wisełka only. Our teams go by trains, buses, rarely by car. We live a different life than normal people who work in the week and have a rest at home at the weekend. We leave the weekend.

I don’t remember when I was at Home during the weekend (apart from holidays). Or perhaps I should say that I am at home but each time it is a different home. And in this way I get to know you. And I must say – I like visiting you.   ;-)


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