Renewal of marriage vows

July 10, 2013 7:02 pm

It’s like a summary of the retreat. The old principle of retreats was: intra totus, mane solus, exi alius (enter whole, stay on your own, leave different).
Enter whole – remember who you are as a WHOLE, you who are so often reduced to the role of a worker, driver, bath maid or a storyteller.
Stay on your own so as to hear the voice of Jesus and to reflect whether your “career path” fully covers the vocation you have received.
Leave different – in the best, consistent and true version of yourself, that is worthy of who you are – a relational creature, created in love and image of God who has been loving you since the versy first moment of your life.
Everyone is so beautiful in the chapel. And there’s so much enthusiasm and hope in the moment of renewal of the vows. The married couples have known different moments but they all have a common desire: to be a better husband/ a better wife.

Remembering about you

Father Jarosław


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