Ready, steady, go!

September 8, 2012 2:56 pm

Guests from various cities and states started arriving at Łomianki yesterday at 6 p.m. They carried on their conversations in their native languages, but from the next day on they’d need English. The Poles ask a student from Slovakia to switch to Polish and Slovakian. They’ll understand one another somehow. But they will grow confident in speaking English for sure.

Croatia has sent a team of 7 people. They stick together – for the time being. In a week’s time, when the Education Program ends, they’ll be all one big family. You cannot love life and stay alien to one another. It’s just impossible.

I meet the acquainted doctors from the Catholic Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians. It was on one of their meetings when we’d heard  about something called NaProTechnologyfor the first time. It feels as if it was yesterday, and so much has happened ever since.

Today we have the opening ceremony. And no more excuses – from now on all communication in English only! To start from how to get to the Chapel or where to eat lunch and to finish with where to wash your hands.

During the first hour of the Program the students were provided with all the necessary information. The second hour is already a lecture given by Dr Hilgers.

The Education Program has started! And I’m asking you, Dear Readers, for support in your prayers. The Program participants need it VERY MUCH.

Your reporter,

Fr Jay


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