Protector of Families

March 19, 2012 5:27 am

The longer I live, the more I admire St Joseph.

Who was he that God should want to share with him the title of the “Father” to His Beloved Son?

Who was he that the Immaculate Mother of God would choose him among all men to be her closest life’s companion?

Who was he that Jesus would call him “Dad”?

We know Joseph must have pronounced the name of Jesus when asked how to name his SON, as that was the father’s responsibility back then. Apart from this – silence falls over his entire life. No miracles, no great deeds, no revelations. And yet he has come to mean so much in heaven – the Protector of the Holy Church! And its unofficial Minister of Finance. We also venerate him as the Protector of Families.

St Joseph, you lived your earthly life in gentleness and humility; teach me to accept from God’s hand whatever hurts, humiliates and mortifies me, so that I may become gentle and humble in heart like Jesus. And like you.

Fr Jay



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