Programme 1

October 1, 2013 10:59 pm

Every time we’re supposed to run one of the Programmes, I am asked to prepare a post to the Harbour. We could count one day how many such notes I’ve made already. It is becoming a challenge for the writer – how many times you can announce the same Programme, how many times you can write about the same things that are going to happen?

Today, when I was planning the new entry, I thought about… myself. So many years, the same texts… It is a bit like the same perfomance over and over again… and still differently, although there are many elements in common.

Yesterday evening I read all the surveys. I tried to imagine all the situations described- often so dramatic and painful. In the coming hours I will be able to touch them, show their roots, suggest possible solutions. The same Programme, the same human problems, and yet always the meeting with a living human beaing that longs for marital happiness  that’s inexplicably gone. But perhaps it is possible to explain? But how should I say it so that they may want to do something about it?

Please support our couples and the trainers with your prayers

Father Jarosław

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