Programme 1 – the exclusive version

May 2, 2013 4:56 pm

Since many couples are going to the weekend version of the Programme, there is no other option but to make a pilot version for the trainers. Unfortunately we have only time during the week, after work, late at night. At least the first meeting will be like that. We start just before 8 pm. Two subjects are foreseen: “Idealistic visions and reality” and “Respect and accepting the differences”. For the first time I will run the programme for two couples only and as a whole, together with the workshop part. It reminds me of the beginnings 6 years ago, when the first programme was created. We were only beginning to create the first team so we had to think about everything.

Luckily for us, English is a foreign language also for the listeners, so poor vocabulary and grammatical constructions make our task only easier. I think about Trainers with so much gratitude for their commitment, competences and availability. Now, when I run the workshops for the first time for many years, I appreciate once again the blessing of team work. It would be so difficult to run the programmes on my own.

We’ll be finishing late. Tomorrow – to be continued.

Padre Jota

That’s where the programme will run:


That’s where I live:


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