Programme 1 for the third time…

December 14, 2012 10:19 am

in this month. First in Szczecinek (the first weekend of December), later in Łomianki and in the next weekend – in Katowice. Although we’ve had so many programmes (even this year; and how many in those five years?) and you keep repeating the same things, every time it is an unusual experience for me. Regardless of the place, regardless of the country (and this programme has seen several countries already) it is always a meeting with married couples who want to become better version of themselves.

It is a privilege to witness this struggle in the depths, of this destruction and new construction. I know that some may think that they are in a particularly difficult situation, that they are only fit for scrapping as it’s certainly too late for a general overhaul. Oh, How much I long to tell them that each good is difficult but it’s worth, worth making this effort. The more difficult it was in the beginning, the greater happiness comes later.

I ask all of you, who have completed programme 1,2, 3 or 4, give them your care, prayers and good deeds. Let even the smallest gesture for your husband and wife go this weekend to those who fund it really hard. To whom shall God listen more than to married couples praying for other married couples?


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