Program I+You = We in Wrocław, Poland

November 5, 2012 10:36 pm

From the 27 couples who had enrolled for the Program, 25 turned up. Most of them came from Wrocław, but there were also the couples who travelled an impressively large distance to take part in the Program. There were the seniors (47 years together in marriage) and very young couples (2.5 year). There were the spouses with very little children and those whose children were already adult and independent. Some of the participants run workshops for couples (or just for the wives), but some of them had never taken part in any such form of education. The rich variety of experience and two days of hard work for the Program participants (as well as for those who helped run the Program – how there were the four couples trained to guide the groups through the workshop part – it all was possible only thanks to them. Thank you once again).

In my heart I feel great joy that so many couples came here to struggle for their relationship, that so many of them were determined to do so.

So many people prayed for us during that time – no wonder the Participants were leaving encouraged to try hard. Let’s remember about them. Now they’ll have to translate the Program into the language of their own relationships. Good luck.

Fr Jay


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