Program 1 in Mexico City: ready, steady, go

May 5, 2013 12:33 pm

Evetually, 14 couples turn up at the Program. They’ve been married for 7 to 30 years. They came here, because they were invited by Beatriz and Pepe. Only 4 people had met me before in Omaha, so definitely the presence of so many people here may be owed only to te trust they had for the organizers. They heard no direct testimony from others. I talk to some of them before the beginning of our retreat and I’m impressed with their knowledge of English and the openness to take part in something entirely new.

The standards of organization goes beyond all imagination. Even Wrocław [the Family Support Foundation’s divsion in South-West Poland – comment from the translator] will have to work hard before they catch up with Mexico. I will not describe all the details, as you can see much on the photos (you know, such small things as the waiters wearing professional uniforms, tables in the garden, candles, beautiful sun and warm weather, etc). I’m not sure if we don’t have to organize a delegation to hold an on-site visit and examine the quality of preparations – some serious group from Wrocław or some other Foundtion’s associates? 🙂

I’ve been learning that the pace of life is different here, and so is the noton of “punctuality”. But they say the more south you go, the more interesting it becomes…

The lectures are welcomed with more than enthusiasm. After all, this is Latinamerica. People are passionate about things. And those comments: “Padre, this is amazing that the Program was created in Poland, but it describes exactly our own reality.”

The day is coming to an end. When I’m writing this post, the Coach Couples are holding Workshop 4 and in a moment all participants will start the last part scheduled for today – Individual Couple Dialogue combined with a romantic dinner: with candles, good wine and wonderful music. That seems to be possible only in Mexico. So far. People are waiting in Brasil and Columbia, too. 🙂

With prayer,

Padre Jota

Individual Couple Dialogue

godzina małżeńska 1

godzina małżeńska 2

Romantic Dinner:przygotowaniaroamntic dinner 1roamntic dinner 2owocenapojeMen in Black

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