postscript to the journey

March 13, 2013 3:42 pm

Fr Jay did a lot to give a vivid description of the Foundation’s mobile team to the UK, so I’d only like to add some of our impressions of the English catholicism.

The adult people we meet here, often quite mature, measure their lives from the date of their conversion (often from anglicanism), as if their story was divided into “before” and “after” that moment. We could say a lot about the depth of their personal prayer life, about their knowldedge of the documents of the Church, about the magnanimous spirit of  service and love visible in details, when the toast lands on your plate just in time – even though both our Hosts, as well as we were quite tired and missing so many hours of sleep because of organizing events. So it’s not obvious, that you’d be doing those small things so eagerly.

The Wind blows wherever it passes. Fr Jonathan told us his story: when he was in Provance, managing the project of the opening of a large hotel, he heard in his heart God calling him to become a “catholic priest” – and he wasn’t even a catholic at that time!

When you look at their devotion to the Lord, it’s no wonder that so unusual things become possible – like the conference on “sex education”, or I+YOU=WE in a small village, where we’re invited by the Diocese. And you feel really and deeply moved once you see that both Fr Jay’s speech and Louise Kirk’s book on human sexuality say about exactly the same values – even though they originated in different time, different places, penned by by different people.

We are part of the Catholic Church. The closer we get to the Source of Life, listening to His Word and falling in love with Him – the closer we are to each other, even though miles apart.

Thank you for being close to us in your prayers – we needed that a lot.



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