Please help them

November 17, 2018 6:00 am

“Please help them in a way worthy of God to continue their journey. For they have set out for the sake of the Name and are accepting nothing from the pagans. Therefore, we ought to support such persons, so that we may be co-workers in the truth.” (3 JN 1: 6-8)

There are many ways we can support a new evangelization and a service to our brothers and sisters, helping them to grow. For some of us it is organizing Programs for fiancees and married couples and organizing on-going formation—Marriage Harbor. But there is also another way, especially for those who can’t be coaches and share their time—“please help us in a way worthy of God to continue our journey.” Your donations, even small, could be a great support for our mission, “so that you may be co-workers in the truth.”

“God has called us through the Gospel, to possess the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Gospel Acclamation)


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