Pilot Program – continuation

May 4, 2013 8:20 pm

For several reasons we had to move the continuation of the pilot Program to early-afternoon hours. But we managed to meet. On Wednesday we went through the remaining four thematic parts of I+YOU=WE.They are relevant in Mexico, too. We discover that nothing has to be changed or adjusted; married couples experience similar problems all over the world. We can also admire how universal the teaching of the Church is in proclaiming God’s truth about marriage.

Both couples who take part in the pilot, Eli & Armando and Beatriz & Pepe have been married for similar time. The first couple are parents to four kids, the other one – to two. What they share is that they decided to put the values first in their lives. They also have in common that things haven’t always been easy for them and they’ve got a lot of life experience to build upon.

We needed one more meeting to discuss the workshop part – which will be run in Spanish, so we had to make sure everything was clear. And I had my moment of happiness, too, because the first Mexican couples liked the Program a lot. Even though they’re a bit afraid, they look forward to the weekend version of the Program they will be coaches at.

We take our time to make everytjing ready – to plan the meals, print out the materials, ensure there will be enough coffee for breaks, etc. Many people have their contribution in those preparations. There’s a lot to thank Heaven for.

Yo+Tu=Nosotros begins tomorow morning in Mexico, i.e. this afternoon Polish time. We commend ourselves to your prayers.

Always praying for you

Padre Jota

Holy Mass

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