"Oh, My Wife…"*

June 27, 2013 5:00 am

It’s been a long time since I last was at a wedding. And definitely long since the last wedding in my family. My both sisters have been married for many years now, my cousins – for even more. So now it’s time for the nephews.

I was deeply moved do celebrate the Mass during which Magdalena and Maciej, my oldest nephew, exchanged their marriage vows. It seems I baptized him only yesterday. And today… I’m already blessing him for this new path of his life.

Looking at their joy, I’m thinking about all the couples who sought my help. We need to protect married couples, we need to pray for them, and we need to create environments which will give them support, because, as Bl. John Paul II reminded, the future of the Church and of the world comes through the family. The joy of the newly-weds is authentic. They will have to overcome on their own the difficulties that they are going to encounter on their way, but… so much depends on our testimony and our commitment.

We know ourselves, how helpful for us were all those kind words, and little gestures of assistance and comfort. Let’s be alert, because maybe somewhere near there is someone for whom it will be enough if we phone them, meet them for a short while, offer even some tiny support – and things are getting easier.

Remembering about you,

Fr Jay

[*the title of a song often played at the weddings in Poland – translator’s note]


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