Noah's Ark

June 2, 2013 10:31 pm

We have already written about the preparations to build the great boat.

Twenty-odd families from the Wrocław Group but some families that trusted us so much as to join our team for the first time, came in the morning of Corpus Christi to Wisełka to set up a new playground in the retreat centre that hosts us kindly every year and witnesses so many miracles in our lives.

It is such a great joy for us that this project has come to fruition precuisely on the Children’s Day. A year ago one of us, Jack Jacket, said to us: Let’s do something like this because they do so much for us. He said so and took resposibility for his words. It took sa many months to to the planning, designing, buying materials, preparing intermediate products as far as 500 km from the sea so that the work could be finished in two days… The we drove with the bus rented by Jack and with the truck that carried 2 tons of wood. And only 2 days for the work.

The men woke up at 6:30 am. They were divied into several teams and had to plan their work so that everything went well as a whole.
At the Mass celebrating the Children’s Day there were so many reasons for joy. The bons of friendship between us work well in working together. We know that we can count on each other. We can cede the leadership because not everyone has to be a leader but we all need to serve with our ideas and gifts. Thanks to this wonderful adventure we felt again a family of families where we feel well.
God blessed this effort with good weather. Today in the morning a flood began but we have an Ark:).



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