"No one will snatch them out of My hand"

April 22, 2013 12:25 pm

All day yesterday passed by with the focus on the power of those words. After the week of such a hard work – they brought so much comfort. No one and nothing will defeat God’s love. His love is with me every day. How good it is to imagine that He is holding my hand.

Because of the great sense of tiredness, the whole day was passing by as if in slow motion. Except for the waking up part, as I got up very early to meet the Faculty members at breakfast, which we had together before they left – each to their homes. Impressions from the most wonderful moments, apperaciation for the great effort of all involved…

And the most important joy – that He gave us strength and His grace, and that all that is happening for His glory. God of love and life. And He is showing His love to us all the time – He is holding your hand and won’t let anybody snatch you out of it. He won’t let us part from Him even through our weaknesses.

Tired but happy to be able to take part in something bigger than us,

And always close to you

Fr. Jay 

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