January 13, 2014 11:10 am

of the First Week in Ordinary Time.

Ordinary time is never “ordinary”. Every day is a chance to be called: “Come after me” (Mark 1:17). We are invited to follow Him. And we have no idea where this adventure will take us. I was 18 years old when He said these words to me. And I imagined that I would be a parish priest in a small town in my small Diocese in Poland. 28 years later I am in Mexico, happy after presenting Program 2 to six couples, and surprised to see so many miracles. And at the beginning there was only a simple answer to His invitation.

The same happens to every marriage invited to be parents. The answer has changed your life totally. A wife has become a mother, A husband has become a father and your child has received parents. And with this new vocation you have been appointed to a new identity and new responsibility – to be an example of God’s love. To represent Him and His love. The first person to love is your wife/your husband. After him/her come your children. The better you are as a husband/wife, the better you are as a father/mother.

The couples who have attended Program 2: “WE+FAMILY” found the time to invest in their vocation. They were invited by God to become parents and they know how important their vocation is. It was such a special grace to look at their effort and hard work, and to see how happy they were taking part in this Program.

In every life God comes with an invitation to follow Him. And to love like He does. It is not our idea, it is His invitation. This invitation comes with grace.

“It was not you who chose me, says the Lord, but I who chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruits, fruit that will last” ( Cf Jn 15:16).


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