April 30, 2013 10:00 am

After a short journey from the airport to Audrey and Brad’s home and after a short flight from St. Louis to Chicago, now over four hours’ flight to Mexico. This is already the second time that I’m going to this country (the first one was in 2009) where, just like in our country, Mary reigns, the patron of America.

Now the reason for the trip is meeting the married couples and our programme I+YOU=WE. For the first time in Latin America. It means that it may be different to what it was like in Germany, the UK, the US. I can only guess how different.

The date when this trip begins brings a lot of peace: April 28th. For us this date is very important as this when pour founder, Father Kazimierz Majdanski, was freed from Dachau (1945), when our Institute for Family Studies was founded (1975) and when the Founder died (2007). Yesterday a pilgrimage of gratitude to Kalisz was organised where Joseph, the head of the Holy Family, is the patron.

With some shyness, I’m trying to think about this trip as the continuation of the story that started in Dachau. Had it not been for Dachau, there would not have been my vocation and there wouldn’t have been the Programme that is the fruit of our calling. Even though there are a lot of questions and uncertainty, I feel in my heart peace and joy.

Dios los bendiga

Padre Jota


Paying a visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe

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