Making an inventory – continued

January 8, 2013 8:45 pm

When I make an inventory, similar to Michael’s when he sums up his economic activity throughout the year, I listen to what is most important to me. It’s very easy to see those number ones because we fear most to lose them.

Than I look at the truth about myself: the daily reminder I know Whom I trusted; then the wedding ring on my finger, children’s clothes on the dryer but also the surrounding circumstances, pain in the back and other symptoms.

Sometimes number ones need a certain correction. Sometimes they are subject to negotiations. Sometimes we have to bid farewell to one of them and then we’re sad. Like to buying an extra dress when what’s more necessary are new shoes for the daughter because the old ones are leaking.

However, Gollum comes to my mind (have you seen “The Hobbit” yet?); Gollum who so much wanted this one thing only that he never realised he’d turned into this:

gollumWhen I give all my number ones to the Lord, my Number One, He will not only arrange them but will also surprise me and fulfil the desires far deeper than skin deep and He will give me this beauty that comes from the freedom from oneself. I ask Him for this – to have the heart free to love.



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