For Married Couples

  • Why is compromise the first step to the breakdown of a relationship?
  • Do you know what type of personality your wife/husband is?
  • How do men talk about their emotions?
  • What are your thinking patterns, and how do they affect your day-to-day communication?
  • What’s the source of my disappointment in marriage?

Program 1: I + YOU = WE

The First Program for the Development of Marital Relationship: I+YOU=WE  answers those questions and many, many more.

The Program, developed by Fr. Jarosław Szymczak and Agnieszka Rogalska, consists of 6 thematic parts. Each of them entails:

  1. LECTURE based on actual experience through decades of marriage counseling
  2. DYNAMIC WORKSHOP which lets the participants experience the content of the lecture.
  3. INDIVIDUAL COUPLE DIALOGUE – time reserved especially for a husband-and-wife conversation.

The Program is an excellent interpersonal training for married couples. Fr. Jarosław Szymczak, the lecturer at the Faculty for Studies on the Family Science at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Poland, will lead you through the lectures with both a sense of humor and an overtly pragmatic approach. You will be given professional and clear training materials, including workshop materials, insightful interpersonal tests, practical prompts, and resources for self-study.

The topics were selected on the basis of the problems identified by married couples. The contents draw on the research in psychology, Catholic anthropology by Karol Wojtyła (St. John Paul II), and personal experience of the Programs’ Authors.

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When we came across the “I+YOU=WE” Program, we had already gone through a marriage therapy which was unsuccessful. It was suggested to us to divorce “to the benefit of all of us”. The Program, which appealed to both of us due to its dynamic form and the wealth of experience of the Retreat Master, left us with the ray of hope and was the impulse for the true healing of our marriage – the long-term process which lasts to this very day.
Małgosia and Andrzej, Poland