Last moments in England

March 5, 2013 12:25 pm

After a wonderful visit at Maryvale Institute and the Birmingham Oratory with Louise and David – I’m sitting in the train to Glasgow. Tomorrow evening I am to take part in a conference about Reason and Faith. It will be very interesting, it seems. It will also be my first visit to Scotland.

For now, the calm English scenery is passing me by. I’m taking my time to say “thank you” for all that happened. I was looking for some symbol, some image, that I could associate with that trip to England. And what came to mind at once was the crocodile/aligator waiting for me in my room when I arrived at the place destined to be my shelter in Cheshire for those several days. It’s as English as anything could be. At least for me. I enclse a photograph.

Inside, as some of you may suppose, is the “hot water bottle” which makes it possible to survive the English distance towards everything – also towards the chill. Our winter coats greatly impressed English people, who wore either T-shirts or only jackets.

Thank you for that unusually warm and homely reception which I (and we) were offered. It will stay in our memory forever.

From the center of England, on the way to Scotland,

Your correspondent,

Fr. Jay



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