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November 18, 2013 10:07 pm

Mary of Guadalupe spoke to a poor Indian from from the Aztec tribe but although she talked to him, she asked him to repeat everything to his bishop. During the congress many speakers stressed this fact. There is no new evangelisation without the lay people but it must happen in unity with the bishops. Mary watches over this everywhere. The church is hierarchical but is not limited to hierarchy only . Today a lot of attention was paid to the forming of laity and it is lay people who talked about it and ask cardinals and bishops for it. They would like permanent forming and leading to be accessible. What for? So that their evangelist mission is not based on emotions but on knowledge and truth.

Our Programmes are based on the truth for which continuous work is needed and therefore we give you homework. How are you doing? No breaks, no “freezes”? Because, you know, they will not just do themselves on their own. But once done, they will bring a crop a hundred times what was sown.

Remembering you

Padre J

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