JC and I

November 13, 2013 3:53 pm

Our legendary priest from Wawrzyny Student’s Chaplaincy, nicknamed “Walnut” (Fr. Stanisław Orzechowski), from time to time shared with us his idea for a special day spent together with our Lord Jesus, and he encouraged us to try the same. This was a day when he would invite Jesus to be together with him throughout the subsequent ordinary and simple activities of the day, in the dialogue between two loving hearts of most intimate friends. But Fr. Stanisław also suggested to express this “togetherness” by some gestures – for example, to lay the table for two, even if you’re having your meal “alone”.

Our life style, mostly full to the brim with people and scheduled meetings, usually does not give us the opportunity to spend the whole day like that. And yet we have at our disposal at least some more quiet portions of it. On that special day you might try not putting your handbag on the passenger seat in the car, in order to have a greater sense of His presence travelling next to you (surely, we need those gestures more than probably He does 🙂 ). When you remember Him to be near, you can show Him quite honestly your first reactions to different situations – and try to look at them with His eyes. You’ll react to events and people on that day in a little bit different way, too – if you let Him lead you, hour after hour, with His love.

Even if your day was to start with a trip to the hairdresser’s, as mine did yesterday. And indeed – it was no ordinary day.


“JC and I” was the title of one of the talks during the QUEST program for teenagers,, which we held many years ago in our city of Wrocław, Poland.



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