two stories

March 29, 2012 6:00 am

His truth sets me free.

When I tell Him about all wasted opportunities, He refreshes my memory of things that worked out all right.

Where I see the emptiness, He says He has never left me.

Where I see dead seeds, He can see the potential for something new and better to arise.

When I say: I have spoilt this and that, He says: Look how much you’ve learnt.

When I know for sure: This will never work, He encourages: Don’t worry it didn’t work, try again.

When I think: I’ve had enough, He says: I see you’re in pain, tell me about it. I have time.

When I say: I don’t understand, He says: I know, but trust Me.

When I give up and can do no more, He reminds me: I love you. In every situation you may choose to love. One day, when all this is gone, you’ll see together with Me that love was the only thing that mattered.


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