It's good everywhere but…

March 12, 2013 2:17 pm

home is the most beautiful place. Here we can feel in our place completely, even if we easily feel at ease everywhere.  ;-) . Some people are like that. But nothing is really like home. It’s so good to return to the rhythm of everyday duties, activities, meetings and rituals.

We can say that trips away do us good because when we have a break and are way from our daily routine, and later we come back with newer energy and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately during this trip I had to stop doing sport. It’s a pity about those “lost” days but now I am coming back to systematic training all the more joyously.

And if i managed to take to those place far away, now we can return to our rituals with zeal.

I always remember you fondly,

back with you,

Father Jaroslaw,

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