May 23, 2012 7:00 am

It was our community’s day of reflection. And Adoration, too. The chapel wasn’t too big. But the light in it seemed not to be sufficient. So many families, and many more children. Buzz, noise. The pews squeaking with every movement. Some children were taking part in rosary prayer, some were walking around the chapel, some were filing a request for changing the place of their stay to their parents. One small boy quietly enjoyed sightseeing in the presbytery with the Holy Sacrament in the middle of it. Everyone was pursuing as much silence in their hearts, as they could afford. For sure, the yearning for silence was much greater than the actual experience. And among all that – He himself, God.

And it occured to me: isn’t our life just like that? Is it not what any family’s everyday reality is like? You could say: chaos in thousands of variations. And it is only up to us – to make this chaos a space available for Him to walk around. He doesn’t like being an unwanted guest. He wants so much to be invited. Wanted.

Stay with us, Lord.


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