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January 3, 2014 10:31 am

“No one who remains in him sins” (1 John 3:6) 


St. Teresa of Avila suggested, for the beginners in prayer generally, and in meditation especially, that at the very first moment of meditation they should think about the best  companion for prayer – and invite Jesus. He is the best companion for your prayer and for your life.

If you try to remember several times a day that He lives in your heart as if you were a live tabernacle, you will see how your life is changing.

To remain in Him means to give Him a permanent place in your heart. And this is your meeting point.

For St. Teresa, accompanying Jesus was always very important. She shared  the way she learnt to be in His constant company, to remain in Him, both with her sisters and in her writings

“To remain in Him” is a process. Neither long nor short. Just a process. Any level could be improved. And the beauty of His company is that “no one who remains in him sins”.

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