If you ask, do it on a large scale

December 15, 2012 10:22 am
Our Kasia has asked me to pray for her friend, the 18-year-old Iga who’s dying of brain cancer. She as alive because she is connected to specialist devices. The following day a medical council was planned to decide whether it was worth fighting as her brain didn’t work any more.
Not only did she ask for a prayer but she also asked for a special prayer to Mary of Guadalupe. I have immediately sent this intention to my different friends, also those I met in Omaha at the course of the model of Creighton. I did not mention this desire that the prayer be directed to Mary of Guadalupe. Just imagine my astonishment and joy when several hours later I get the news from Mexico (our irreplaceable Beatriz) that this intention has reached Holy Mary. Obviously the one of Guadalupe. Isn’t it itself a miracle?
The council met on Thursday and decided not to switch off the devices because… the brain was working!

The following meeting is on Monday and then they will decide what to do next. Everything is in God’s hands. We need to remember that God likes our even craziest desires and He will gladly fulfil them if they are fully in the service of love. Oh, how much I love such crazy requests…



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