I have managed

September 8, 2013 4:30 pm

Perhaps that would be the shortest summary and closest to the truth. This time it was really very hard. For everyone the temperature: 27 grades was hard to bear. The last 12 km were on an asphalt road and in full sunshine. Legs just wouldn’t run. The only thing left was the will to run till the end.

It was an extraordinary experience to meet those I met last year. During a marathon everyone runs at their own pace, so sometimes you catch up with someone, someone catches up with you, you run for a while together, then again apart and again together. I was impressed by the runners who were older than me, sometimes much older. I managed to catch up with some of them. For a while.  .

This year I ran on my own. Nobody from our team could join me. I was all the more thankful to my sister Ania and my brother-in-law Paweł, who gave me moral support (and a drink) in the same spot as Jacek Kubrak did last year. And, what is more important, they ran a bit with me. And then they welcomed me at the stadium. Since I ran in the clerical collar, I was welcomed in Wolgasta as the priest-runner. Fortunately the end was in a good style – thanks to the magic of the stadium.

ObrazekThank you for your support. I finished the race only because of the intention of Pope Francis. Had it not been for it, I would have probably surrendered and walked until the end. I was also helped by Stas, who after his half-marathon ran in front of me and then till the end with me. Thanks to all of you who were sent by the Angels. See you at the next marathon!

With a thankful prayer

Father Jaroslaw


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