I have come to You empty

January 8, 2014 2:00 pm
“… He went off to the mountain to pray”. (Mk 6:46)

Do I have “the mountain”? Where is my mountain? In my bedroom, office, favorite armchair or desk? Do I have a habit to go there frequently? He, “after the five thousand had eaten and were satisfied… went off to the mountain to pray” (Mk 6:45-46). Prayer is so natural for Him. Part of everything. Natural reaction to action. The foundation for all kind of activity.

We work hard, we are so tired, we need some rest, – and later, if we have enough strength, probably, we will pray. Have you ever tried to meet Him because you were tired? Have you prayed like this:

“Let me stay with You, Lord. I am so tired, because ‘the wind was against’ me. I have come to You empty, without any good or nice prayer. Just to be with You.” And maybe He will act as He did in today’s Gospel – “He got into the boat with them and the wind died down” (Mk 6:51).

Sometimes it is more important to be with Him without any word or spiritual activity. Just to be. Loving presence in silence is a prayer, too.

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