January 20, 2013 2:33 pm

The most expected time of year, every year. The closer to it, the more joy in my heart.

Each year, it is a bit different. For one thing – becuase the subject of my meditation is different, secondly – because I’m getting to know the hermitage and begin to adjust. Initially the tool re-designing my life, making up for the lost time, asking for some special grace – it is becoming simply a meeting place. The time of a mystery. I’m a child at his Father’s, a brother – at his Brother’s…

Its simple and harsh beauty (no electricity, no bathroom, no tap water, and you have to make fire to get warm) efficiently restores my desire for being radical and free from gadgets. 😉

Even the wrist-watch is no longer necessary: it is enough to follow the rythm of the day marked by the light falling through the windows. The whiteness outside helps one see the world in its pure version. The tiny chapel, surprisingly, is capable of storing not only all the angelic choirs and my beloved Saints, but also so many of You, whose place is constantly in my heart and my prayer.

See you after.


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