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November 9, 2013 12:18 pm


Each of us lands in marriage with a suitcase. We unpack it first unconsciously – we show off the rich assortment of responses to situations, habits, values. In this personal luggage we also carry  the incidents of humiliation, labels slapped on us, hurtful words and unfulfilled dreams. The list could be expanded with many items by you and me for sure.

If the unpacking goes together with second thoughts, you can try to do the periodic stocktaking. Happy is the one who can unpack their bundle feeling the safety of being loved – with this luggage, too.  It’s impossible to sort oneself out without love.

The measure of maturity: to create the conditions for the other to unpack, at their own pace – without hurrying them up and judgement. Our stories of pain and hope make us most vulnerable, but also – at the same time – the closest to each other, entrusted to mutual goodwill.


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