Hello Dear Friends in Poland, Germany and USA!

October 24, 2012 2:26 pm

So I had what I expected… The plane left Chicago with a 2-hour delay, so I was late for the plane in Munich. Fortunately, there was another plane at 14:30 which I managed to board, but of course it was impossible to make it for the 14:25 lecture in Warsaw. I managed to phone my students and say I was sorry for not turning up.

Since there were more such “delayed passengers” at the airport, we could share our travelling experiences. It turned out that what works best for us is sightseeing in the hotel rooms and conference rooms, together with airports and terminals.  Well, it’s better than nothing.

The last plane was also delayed, so I was back Home later, too. But I made it for the eveing meeting.

And now I can also say “thank You” for this wonderful time together, that we were given. And to thank all who prayed for me during that time. The Lord has done great things, which I could watch in close proximity, and now I’d like to invite you thank Him for that together with me.

It’s good you are there.

Fr Jay

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