He touched their eyes

December 6, 2013 10:14 pm

He touched their eyes. (Mt 9, 29)

A touch full of faith. “Do you believe I can do this?” “Lord, we do.”

When people have blind eyes they can only see what they have in mind. My vision, my understanding, my conception. So they can see everything only from their own perspective. Like this famous face of a young and old woman at the same moment in optical illusion. What I see is what really is. I know better.


So we can’t the see other people’s perspective because we are so sure that ours is the only one. The way how we see things is so important. Probably every wife has her own vision of her husband. Probably every husband has his own vision of his wife. And in every other area – we know what priests, bosses, children (especially not ours) should be like.
Faith changes our style of how to see things.

When we ask Jesus to touch our eyes, we can start discovering the world from a different perspective. Faith allows me to see every person as created by God with all His love. So when I see another person, he or she is like an invitation from God to recognize in her/him the beauty of God’s creation. It is like an everyday adventure to see the beauty of creation like those two blind.

Could you imagine seeing the world every day after Jesus has touched your eyes?

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